Specs for QO and QO Loadcenters

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QO Circuit Breaker and Loadcenter information.

Here is all of the information you will need for information on QO Circuit Breakers and QO Load centers

QO Circuit Breakers are manufactures in 1, 2 and 3 Poles from 15 to 100 Amps. They are 120/240 volt rated with an interrupting capacity of 10,000 aic.

These circuit breakers just plug into the loadcenter and they are made by Square D Company. These circuit breakers are of excellent quality as you would expect from Square D. They even have a visa trip window to make it easy to tell what circuit breaker may have tripped.

These circuit breakers come with accessories such as Shunt trips, Arc Fault, Ground Fault  and Arc Fault / Ground Fault Combination.

We stock all QO Circuit Breakers New in the Manufactures boxes and can usially ship same day.


Below you can find links to see images, catalog numbers and Specs

QO 1 Pole Circuit Breakers

QO 2 Pole Circuit Breakers

QO 3 Pole Circuit Breakers

Specs for QO Circuit Breakers and Loadcenters