480 Volt Bolt-on, 3 Phase Panel-Board Price Calculator

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Get a Quote for a Brand New, Square D, Bolt-on, 3 Phase, 4 Wire, Main Lug Only Panel-Board Complete with the Interior, trim with door, Can and Ground bar                                    

Why is it that when you request a quote for a 480 Volt panel-Board, it takes so long to get your quote?

The answer is I don’t know. It does not make any sense. The electrical distributor should know their pricing if they sell panels everyday.


We can quote you a panel while you are still on the phone. For standard panels without any modifications, they will even ship immediately. The way we do this is because we stock the panel boards and the Circuit breakers. We do not need to check with the manufacture for availability or confirm the job-site. We do not need to make sure you get pricing in the territory we are in. Also labor is built into the products and there is no need to calculate how long it will take to assemble.

You ask, how can you do this so quickly, I can’t even get pricing immediately for just a 50 foot piece of wire.

We do it by stocking only the Panel boards our customers want.

If you need a custom panel with timers and service entrance or integrated panels, we can not help but the majority of panels are just standard manufactures panels Main Lug only or Main Breaker.

The largest panels we stock are 800 amp.  Here are some secrets that you only can learn from experience and working with multiple manufactures.


Here are some facts the distributors do not want you to know.

Did you know that your pricing is lower if you wait four to six weeks to get your panelboard?

Did you know that your price may be twice as high if you need delivery of the panels fast?

Did you know that price structure is different in different parts of the country?

Did you know that if you have the time to wait, you may be able to get a main Breaker and Panel board for the price of just the circuit breaker
With the Internet, competition has become increasingly more competitive for electrical manufactures. With a google search, you can find hundreds of suppliers. Some of them are very trustworthy and some are down rite dishonest.

If you go to an authorized distributor or a Panel builder that is authorized to purchase the components direct, you will never need to wonder if all components are New, Current Series or Counterfeit. The distributor pays more than if they purchase from a non authorized source. So this will cost you but it is well worth the extra money to be safe and have the manufacture assist with the technical information if it comes up.


If you go to a surplus company, the Panels may be outdated or old or even used. If the product is new, you will get the same thing as from the authorized source with the exception that the warranty will be backed by the company, not the manufacture. If you go to a OEM Panel board Builder, the components will be current series and new. Different brands have different price structures. Square D tends to be a little bit higher. The industrial I-Line panels are easier to assemble and to make changes due to their ingenuity.  Square D has been our choice because is saves us an hour or two to assemble.

We are not an authorized distributor but only stock new manufactures panel boards and circuit breakers. We can supply the panels assembled or assembled. (the manufacture charges more if they are assembled. Their focus is to get their panels on the wall for all of the additional purchases or changes that may be need for the next 30 years.  Also most factories prefer to stick to one brand.

Here is an idea that will be extremely close to cost for 480 volt panels

for a 480 Volt Square D Panel that will accept a maximum of 125 amp breakers will cost the following

For a panel that will hold 14- 3 pole 480 volt breakers, 3 Phase 4 Wire Main Lug Only. The panel itself will cost $375.00. The Panel-board type is NF with Copper Buss

We are very excited that we will now be supplying Panels Manufactured with  Square D Components.

JRL Will give you the customer support you deserve and ship immediately. As you can see the price structure is low and competitive to  waiting 6 weeks for delivery.

Our customers do not want to wait a week or more to get a quote to find out there will be another 4 to 6 weeks to deliver and what happens if the customer can not wait,.


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