Cutler Hammer BR Plug In Catalog Page
November 30, 2017 Uncategorized
Here you can view the Catalog Page for all 1, 2 and 3 Pole BR Catalog Pages.   Part Numbers, Interrupting Capacities, Voltage and Poles Courtesy of JRL Electric Supply Inc.           ... Read More
How does a double-pole circuit breaker work?
November 7, 2017 Uncategorized
 QUICK ANSWERDouble-pole circuit breakers, also known as two-pole breakers, feature a combination handle that makes it possible for both phases of the breaker to trip if a short is d... Read More
How does a shunt trip breaker work?
QUICK ANSWERA shunt trip breaker is a type of circuit breaker that, in addition to automatically tripping during an electrical surge and cutting off power, also can be triggered by a separate el... Read More
The Basics of Molded Case Circuit Breakers
The Basics of Molded Case Circuit BreakersAn MCCB provides protection by combining a temperature sensitive device with a current sensitive electromagnetic device.The traditional molded-c... Read More
Square D QOB Bolt-on Circuit Breaker Specs
October 30, 2017 Uncategorized
  Here you can find all of the specs for Square D QOB 1, 2 and 3 Pole Bolt-on Circuit Breaker Specs                                   Buy QOB 1 Poles Now                ... Read More
Replacing a Blown Circuit Breaker
October 25, 2017 Uncategorized
A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that automatically swings into operation to protect the electrical circuit from any kind of damage caused due to various factors such as a short circuit or... Read More