Brand New Replacement for the Challenger CE14K and CF25K Circuit Breaker

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Challenger Circuit Breaker Replacement

What Happens when you need this Obsolete Challenger Circuit Breaker?. You have a couple of choices, Go on-line and find one and hope it is not defective. Call a Circuit breaker company that reconditions Circuit Breakers. If they have it, Hopefully it is fully tested.
But what if it has to be New? What if you just prefer it New? For those that know the replacement for this circuit breaker that is 25K @ 480 Volt, will give you 35K. This can be very confusing to newer companies that do not have the experience and knowledge from when these were a current series.

Here is your best option, Call a trusted supplier that will walk you through what your options are and choose the best option for you.

Here at JRL Electric Supply Inc, we will not offer you a reconditioned Circuit Breaker because we believe your best option is to purchase the Replacement Circuit Breaker Brand New. The replacement will not be 25K because they are now 35K. The replacement will fit perfectly and you are done. You are Happy, Your customer is happy and will be greatfull for your customer service. 

Price for New or Reconditioned and Properly Tested is not far apart.
There are New Challenger replacement s for most of the 480 Volt Challenger Circuit Breakers up to 800 amp including the CH, CE,CF, CFH, CJ, CJH, and many others. 

Is it time to get the best Customer Service and Knowledge from a company that hasspecialized in Circuit Breakers for decades and all sales people have been here for 20 Years or more.

We Want your business and will offer you pricing that will make you smile.

Here is a link with a Challenger Cross Reference 




Your Satisfaction is guaranteed. Every product sold by JRL Electric Supply are authentic and never modified. With 32 Years’ experience in Circuit Breakers, you will receive the correct item the first time and 98% of all orders are shipped same day