All About HMCP Motor Circuit Protectors

March 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

HMCP Specs, Images and Catalog Pages can be found here

The HMCP Motor Circuit Protector is commonly used in conjunction with a Motor Starter and has Instantaneous Trip Settings only. There are no Thermal settings like the standard Circuit Breaker has.

HMCP Motor Circuit Protectors are Available in several different Frame Sizes.  The Frame size From 3 Amp to 150 Amp was originally manufactured by Westinghouse to replace the previous series MCP Motor Circuit Protector.  Cutler Hammer too over and is now EATON. The Circuit Breaker did not change with the exception of the labels,

The Amperages available in the 150 Amp Frame size is 3 Amp, 7 Amp, 15 Amp, 30 Amp, 50 Amp, 70 Amp, 100 Amp and 150 Amp.

The Dimensions are  2.990 Inch Length x 3.000 Inch Width x 5.500 Inch High

The following options are available

Auxiliary Switch
Alarm Switch
Handle Mechanisms
Safety Devices
Shunt Trip
Undervoltage Release

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