NEF 3 Pole 45 Amp Circuit Breaker Brand New Replacement

Date:July 27, 2020 2:31 pm

NEF 3 Pole 45 Amp 480 Volt FPE Circuit Breakers are now Obsolete But we can supply you with a New Replacement that will fit perfectly in the same space

The FPE NEF 480 Volt 3 Pole 45 Amp Replacement is Available Brand New

Don’t be fooled by companies that offer this Circuit Breaker Reconditioned. They are riveted shut to be tamper Proof and only a few Companies actually open these and recondition them. To recondition this type of circuit breaker, you must drill out the rivets, recondition the breaker, test and countersink the holes and re-rivet the Breaker. This voids the UL and you will never know what condition the circuit breaker was in.

NEF Specifications :
• Manufacturer :                                FPE
• Cat. No. :                                        NEF431045
• Alternate Part No. :                         NEF345
• Product Type :                                Circuit Breaker
• Frame Type :                                  NEF
• Voltage Rating :                             480 Vac At 50/60 Hz, 250 Vdc
• Amperage :                                   45 Amps At 40 Deg C
• No. Of poles :                                3 Pole
• Interrupting Rating :  14 kiloampere At 480 Vac,


The NEF Circuit Breaker has been Obsolete for quite a long time. No need to worry, there is a Replacement Available that is a current Series and UL Listed. The replacement is built to today’s standards and is of very High Quality.

Let us help. We have 35 Years experience in the sales of Circuit Breakers and have a A+ rating with the BBB