New Replacements for Federal Pacific 480 Volt Circuit Breakers

October 26, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Did you know that when it comes to replacing the Obsolete Federal Pacific Electric NEF 480 Volt Circuit Breakers, there is a Brand New Circuit Breaker made by GE that will fit in the same place?

YES it is true, and not only that, it is less expensive than a properly reconditioned Original NEF Circuit Breaker. Only $139.49 each for a Three Pole 15 to 60 Amps. The Price is even lower if you are an electrical distributor and have discounts in place with us.
Did you know that your Reconditioned FPE NEF (100 Amp Frame) Circuit Breaker is probably not Reconditioned? Most suppliers do not even open the Circuit Breakers because of the rivets to hold them together.  To open these, you need to drill out the four rivets, and after inspecting and Reconditioning the breaker, you need to countersink the hole approx. 1/8 of an inch and reset the rivets.
There are some quality established companies that do this but there are fewer and fewer because it is labor intensive. Some companies do not even have high current test sets to test these and just check them for continuity. Test sets can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.
When it comes to Reconditioned Circuit Breakers, you need to know your supplier. Established suppliers specializing in circuit breakers should know what will replace obsolete Circuit Breakers and offer you these alternatives.
The GE Replacement meets today standards, are Brand New and easy to find.
If you must purchase Reconditioned, I Suggest you purchase from a PEARL Member. Their safety and Reconditioning guidelines ensure the safety and quality or your items.  JRL Electric Supply Inc. is not a pearl member because we are selling new product only.
I do not want to scare you but I believe it is important to put safety first period.
The majority of Electrical Distributor Chains are already are set up for Credit. Just ask for a discount for any 480 or 600 Volt Circuit Breakers and you will get it.
BE SAFE,  BE SMART,  BUY FROM JRL Electric Supply Inc.