Solar Generator 600 Watt 1200 Watt Surge 120 Volt Output SHS12100



Powerful 600 Watt Continuous output for Emergency’s like power outages, Camping or Tailgate Parties. PLUG and Play Charge By Solar Pane or Auto Battery Chargers. (Solar Panels or battery Chargers not included)




Be Prepared for any Power Outage, Camping or to just have a

exciting Tailgate Party

Plug and Play Everything all assembled inside the case. Ready to go once you connect the battery. Easy connections for Solar Panels, Easy connections for charging with battery charger. The case will accept a large 100 Amp Hour Battery for Energy Storage. Heavy Duty Castors so it is easy to move around. Can be used Indoors or outdoors (outdoor in dry locations only).

There are Multiple protections built in so you can not damage the battery from discharging too much or attempting to power up items that draw more energy that the unit is designed for.. Heavy Duty Circuit Breaker, Separate switch for turning off the inverter

The Heavy Duty SHS12100 a must have in case of any Emergency. It can Supply Small Appliance’s, Televisions, Charge up Power Tools, Laptops, Cell Phones, Tablets, Lighting and More.

These units were originally made for use in the Middle East and Africa where it would be used as the only energy source. It has been modified for use in the USA at 120 Volts with a internal Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

Have the best Tailgate party ever, Get the party going or just keep for when you need axillary power With this Portable Power Supply

You can charge the unit by using a Auto Battery Charger or get a Solar Panel and Power from Free Sunlight.

Here are the Specifications

  • Continuous Output        600 Watts
  • Surge Output                1200 Watts
  • Input                              12 Volt
  • Output                           120 Volt
  • Inverter                          Pure Sine Wave
  • Battery                           accepts 100 ah Battery (not (ncluded)
  • Connections                  Outlets 2- 120 volt USA
  • USB                               2 USB Ports
  • 12 Volt Banana Plugs    2
  • Weight                            Approx. 35 LBS  (without Battery)
  • Casing                            Painted Steel
  • Input for Solar Panel      12 Volt
  • Solar Controller              15 Amp
  • Heavy Duty Castors       4

Please research your energy needs prior to purchasing. To find out how many watts your equipment draws you can contact your utility company online or most wattage usage is stated on the manuals for your equipment. Some tiny items need tons of power like hair dryers, coffee makers heaters.

Please note for all returns, you will be responsible for return shipping and if the box is opened, there is a restocking charge.