Square D Bolt-on Circuit Breakers New or Used?

April 12, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Are these NEW or USED?
Can you tell? What do you think?

These are Square D Bolt-on Circuit Breakers. The Catalog number is QOB230VH. The VH Suffix is stating that the Interrupting Capacity is 22K @ 240 Volt. The standard interrupting is 10,000 @ 240 Volt.

Going back quite a few years, the Yellow Sq D Logo and AIC was not imprinted of the face, you had to trust the label on the side. The window with Red below the handle makes the breaker look NEW.

When you turn the breaker to the on position, the red goes away. The screws to bolt onto the buss-bar are the current style. These look new to me but they are not. These are just clean and USED. I reset the visa trip window to the tripped position.