GHB3020 3 Pole 20 Amp 480 Volt Bolt-on EATON/Cutler Hammer Brand New

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The Cutler Hammer GHB3020 is a 3-Pole, 20-Amp 480-Volt Circuit Breaker that is primarily used in Power-Line 2 Panelboards. This Circuit Breaker has a Voltage Rating of 480 Volt and Interrupting Rating of 14,000 @ 480 Volts

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3 Pole

20 Amp

480 Volt


EATON/Cutler Hammer Brand New

What is a New from Panel Circuit Breaker

A Circuit Breaker New From Panels is also called New Panel Takeout. Esentially it is a Brand New Circuit Breaker that was removed from a brand new Electrical Panel. There are many reasons to purchase a New From Panel Circuit Breaker.

  1. New Takeouts usually cost a little bit less.
  2. They are the same for use because they have never been Energized.
  3. Availablty. Manufactures are backordered and can not ship today

    GHB Circuit Breaker Information

  • The GHB Series Circuit Breakers Were Originally Manufactured by Westinghouse, then Cutler Hammer and Now by Eaton.
  • These Circuit Breakers are 3 Inches Wide and Quite Robust
  • The Manufactures Lables were originally made of paper and adheared to the side of the Circuit Breaker.
  • The UL Tags are on the top of the face of the breaker.
  • Currently all lableing is laser etched for your protection and can not be altered
  • There are etched barcodes that can be scanned and verified authentic using Eaton’s Molded Case Authentication Tool

Common Questions and Answers

What is the Maximum Amperage available for the GHB Circuit Breaker?

The GHB Series Circuit Breakers are manufactured from 15 to 100 Amp Max

Are the GHB Series made by Cutler Hammer?

They were and are currently Manufactured by Eaton

Can these be used as 240 Volt?

YES, They Can be used for either 480 Volt or 240 Volt

Are these Circuit Breakers Obsolete?

No, They can be difficult to find right now because of supply disruptions. We are Independent Distributors and keep them in stock.

How can I figure out the Catalog Number?

The Catalog Number for 1, 2 and 3 Poles will always start GHB  GHBxxxx. the next number specifies how many Poles GHB3 for 3 poles, GHB2 for 2 Poles, and GHB1 for 1 poles. The last 3 Numbers are the amperage and if under 100 Amp you will need to start with a 0. Here is an example, GHB3050  GHB Series 3 for 3 Poles and 050 for 50 Amp

Are the GHB Series Circuit Breakers Available all of the time?

Due to Covid, Manufactures delays and difficulty getting the individual parts that make a circuit breaker, delivery times are long unless your supplier has them in stock.


Additional information

AIC Rating

14,000 @ 480 Volt



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Cutler Hammer




480/277 Volt