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We Have the Circuit Breaker experience to help you identify what you need, not to mention Excellent Customer Service.

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JRL Electric Supply, Inc. is a family owned and operated Christian company that was established in December of 1985. Throughout our 37 years in business, we have specialized in the sales of New Circuit Breakers and Panelboards


In the past as well as currently, we sell mounting hardware, panelboards, panel board switches along with accessories such as shunt trips, under voltage releases, auxiliary switches, and bell alarms.

Our current stock includes most manufacturers such as GE, Square D, ITE, Murray, Federal Pacific, Challenger, Cutler-Hammer, Zinsco, Eaton and  Westinghouse.


We have one of the largest inventories in North America.

Our staff is knowledgeable in Circuit Breakers manufactured from 1950 to present, not to mention all of our sales personal have worked here for a minimum of 20 Years.

Our success can be attributed to four of JRL’s basic principles which are honesty and integrity, expert professional sales individuals, highest quality inventory offered to our customers below distributor cost, not to mention prompt, immediate customer service and technical assistance.

Recently at a family get together, we all chuckled as we remembered when JRL Electric Supply, Inc. started business with $3,000.00, an old beat-up truck and a two-car garage.  Today, we are thankful that JRL Electric Supply, Inc. has grown to become a large corporation

Obsolete Circuit Breakers by Westinghouse, Challenger, Zinsco, federal Pacific

Obsolete Circuit Breakers, No Problem

Supplying Brand New Replacements for Most Obsolete Circuit Breakers are available if you have the experience and knowledge. There are brand New Replacements for most Westinghouse Zinsco, Federal Pacific, Challenger and ITE.
With 37 Years Experience, we can give you options to go get you what you need

  • Supplying Brand New Replacements for Most Obsolete Circuit Breakers
  • Available if you have the experience and knowledge.
  • Brand New Replacements for most Zinsco, Federal Pacific,
  • Brand New 480 Volt Replacements for Westinghouse, Challenger and ITE.
  • With 37 Years Experience, we can give you options to go get you what you need

What can you do if you have Obsolete Circuit Breakers that need to be replaced?

What if it is for a Hospital, Utility Company or even for the Department of Defense You only have a couple options.

I do not recommend purchasing a used or reconditioned Circuit Breaker for critical applications.

This is because you will not know if the Circuit Breaker has been modified, repaired or reconditioned with after market parts.

You will not know if the Circuit Breaker has been wet, damaged, defective or even if the internal lubricants are in good order.

Also per NEC, reconditioned circuit breakers must have the UL Tag removed and must be clearly labeled that is it reconditioned and who did the work so any liability falls on the reseller, not the manufacturer.

New Old Stock

You may be able to find some New old stock. With items that have gone obsolete, it can be quite a challenge. Also many on-line circuit breaker resellers do not have sufficient knowledge of obsolete Circuit Breakers. It is not their fault. You can only learn this from experience. 

What you will need is to make sure what you receive will install into the panel without any modifications or performing magic.


At JRL Electric Supply Inc, we know from 37 years of experience and our experienced sales personnel, wecan offer excellent customer service. We will not try to sell you an item if modifications will be needed to get it to fit in your panel. Read about the dangers of used and reconditioned circuit breakers

Here is my recommendation. Contact an established company that not only knows what the obsolete circuit breaker is and if there are Brand New Replacements available that will fit exactly like the original.

You may ask who to call or why. Here at JRL Electric Supply Inc. all sales personal were employed here and have extensive knowledge, not only from experience, but challenger circuit breakers were not obsolete when we opened up our doors in 1985.

Our experience is why JRL Circuit Breaker Your Circuit Breaker Company