MP2175 and MPD2175 175 Amp Main Breaker Lugs on the Side


175 Amp Main Breaker for Siemens Loadcenters Lugs come from the Side

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Murray and Crouse Hinds 175 Amp 2 Pole Main Circuit Breaker MP2175 and MPD2175

Horizontal  (wires come in the side of the Circuit Breaker)

Crouse Hinds and Murray residential Main circuit breakers are designed to protect your home from power surges and other risks, not to mention the protect your whole house from overloading your circuits. They’re rated at 120/240 volts, 175 amps with  a interrupt rating of 10,000 @ 240 Volt – meaning that they can handle temporary overloads before shutting down safely in the event there is a greater shortcoming on one specific line or branch off point within their system which could potentially cause more damage if not repaired quickly enough for example by calling someone experienced who knows what he’s doing!