THQL2150GFI 50 Amp 2 Pole GE Ground Fault Circuit Breaker


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The GE THQL2150GFI 50 Amp Double Pole Ground Fault Circuit Breaker with Self-Test. The Self-Test functionality is a UL requirement on all GFCI devices.  The manufacture is out of stock so order soon.

  • Commonly used in Hot Tubs and Spa’s
  • Unit provides protection against overloads, short circuits and ground faults
  • Detects very low levels of electrical current leakage (ground faults) and acts quickly to shut off power, preventing serious shock
  • Class A 5mA ground fault circuit interrupter
  • Wire range is #14-8 AWG CU

If you have a spa or hot tub, electrical code requires a ground fault interrupter for your safety. Ground Fault Interrupters are very sensitive they are .5mA  If your panel or subpanel is GE, you must use the GE Version of this circuit breaker only to avoid an electrical inspector rejecting writing off on your permit.  If you do not have an inspection, you still should use the same brand as your panel to ensure code requirements and your home insurance policy

What is a ground Fault?  (from Wikipedia)

ground fault (earth fault) is any failure that allows unintended connection of power circuit conductors with the earth. Such faults can cause objectionable circulating currents, or may energize the housings of equipment at a dangerous voltage. Some special power distribution systems may be designed to tolerate a single ground fault and continue in operation. Wiring codes may require an insulation monitoring device to give an alarm in such a case, so the cause of the ground fault can be identified and remedied. If a second ground fault develops in such a system, it can result in overcurrent or failure of components. Even in systems that are normally connected to ground to limit overvoltages, some applications require a Ground Fault Interrupter or similar device to detect faults to ground.

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