Don’t Buy Reconditioned Circuit Breakers from unknown Sources

After massive flooding in Texas and Florida, many electrical systems will need to be replaced. What happens to all of the old Switchgear? Will they be scrapped or Will they be sold?

When you buy a reconditioned circuit breaker, you do not know where it originated or the condition it was in prior to reconditioning (if it was really even reconditioned) Some manufactures seal or rivet shut their circuit breakers for this very reason, YOUR SAFETY

First, before we get the angry phone calls, Their are many qualified Circuit Breaker and Electrical Panel Company’s that will never sell a dangerous or substandard product and will fully inspect, recondition and test their products prior to selling them. With 37 years in this industry including selling reconditioned circuit breakers in the 80,s and 90,s, we know there will be a tremendous amount of electrical equipment that will be sold and some will end up with companies that do not have a clue of what to look for, test or recondition the equipment. Many On-Line companies never stock or even see the product and have all sales direct shipped.

What about E-Bay and Amazon, For electrical distributors, do you want to risk your reputation or loose a customer to save a little bit of money?

Be Smart, Be Safe Purchase from JRL Electric Supply Inc. We can sell New Product at prices close to Reconditioned.