Important Reasons to Consider using a New Supplier for Circuit Breakers.

1. Price

Price is very important, but it is only one reason to consider trying a new supplier.  Increasing your profit margin is very important, especially if your customers are only concerned with pricing.  You do not want your competition to have the upper hand.

2. Customer Service

The customer service you receive must be excellent and the sales people your supplier has is instamental to your having the upper hand.  Your supplier should be experienced and knowledgeable in what they supply. They should quickly answer any questions, identify your needs and offer solutions that will help you take care of your customers.

3. Quality of products

The products you purchase should be new and the current series every time. Manufactures change the labels and standards often to insure the products are up to date with new codes and standards. Putting an older series Circuit Breaker may not meet code for new panels.

4. Experience and knowledge

You are your suppliers customer and your supplier should bend over backwards to service your needs. They should have the items in stock ready to ship. They should know the product