Obsolete ED, EHB, FB and HFB Circuit Breakers

Many 480 Volt Westinghouse Circuit Breakers have direct replacements available that will fit directly in the same space as the obsolete series.  This means, you will not have to purchase Used or Obsolete Circuit Breakers as replacements or purchase Mounting hardware.

Here you can find a cross reference that will identify the current series replacement for your obsolete Circuit Breaker

      Obsolete Part #           Current Series

EB3015EHD3015Buy Now
EB3015LEHD3015LBuy Now
EB3020EHD3020Buy Now
EB3020LEHD3020LBuy Now
EB3025EHD3025Buy Now
EB3025LEHD3025LBuy Now
EB3030EHD3030Buy Now
EB3030LEHD3030LBuy Now
EB3035EHD3035Buy Now
EB3035LEHD3035LBuy Now
EB3040EHD3040Buy Now
EB3040LEHD3040LBuy Now
EB3045EHD3045Buy Now
EB3045LEHD3045LBuy Now
EB3050EHD3050Buy Now
EB3050LEHD3050LBuy Now
EB3060EHD3060Buy Now
EB3060LEHD3060LBuy Now
EB3070EHD3070Buy Now
EB3070LEHD3070LBuy Now
EB3080EHD3080Buy Now
EB3080LEHD3080LBuy Now
EB3090EHD3090Buy Now
EB3090LEHD3090LBuy Now
EB3100EHD3100Buy Now
EB3100LEHD3100LBuy Now
EHB3015EHD3015Buy Now
EHB3015LEHD3015LBuy Now
EHB3020EHD3020Buy Now
EHB3020LEHD3020LBuy Now
EHB3025EHD3025Buy Now
EHB3025LEHD3025LBuy Now
EHB3030EHD3030Buy Now
EHB3030LEHD3030LBuy Now
EHB3035EHD3035Buy Now
EHB3035LEHD3035LBuy Now
EHB3040EHD3040Buy Now
EHB3040LEHD3040LBuy Now
EHB3045EHD3045Buy Now
EHB3045LEHD3045LBuy Now
EHB3050EHD3050Buy Now
EHB3050LEHD3050LBuy Now
EHB3060EHD3060Buy Now
EHB3060LEHD3060LBuy Now
EHB3070EHD3070Buy Now
EHB3070LEHD3070LBuy Now
EHB3080EHD3080Buy Now
EHB3080LEHD3080LBuy Now
EHB3090EHD3090Buy Now
EHB3090LEHD3090LBuy Now
EHB3100EHD3100Buy Now
EHB3100LEHD3100LBuy Now
FB3015FD3015Buy Now
FB3015LFD3015LBuy Now
FB3020FD3020Buy Now
FB3020LFD3020LBuy Now
FB3025FD3025Buy Now
FB3025LFD3025LBuy Now
FB3030FD3030Buy Now
FB3030LFD3030LBuy Now
FB3035FD3035Buy Now
FB3035LFD3035LBuy Now
FB3040LFD3040LBuy Now
FB3040LFD3040LBuy Now
FB3045FD3045Buy Now
FB3045LFD3045LBuy Now
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