Do You Need an Obsolete Circuit Breaker and it has be New

When it has to be New but is Obsolete, What can you do?

Here is a secret they don,t want you to know.

Did you know that there are many Obsolete Circuit Breakers that have Newer Series Circuit Breakers that will directly fit in their Place?

Here are a couple of Examples

obsolete 480 volt westinghouse breakers

All the Westinghouse Circuit Breakers in these images have Brand New Replacements that will fit in your panel perfectly. No Modifications needed.

You can purchase these used or reconditioned, but why would you. You can probably purchase a Brand New Circuit Breaker that will directly replace the Obsolete Circuit Breaker and fit directly in the same place.

Your Electrical Distributor may not know this and it is not there fault.

If you Specialize in Circuit Breakers like JRL Electric Supply Inc. and have the experience and knowledge, you will be aware of better solutions for your Customer.

If you are an Electrical Distributor and are not offered these solutions, here are a couple

of reasons why you should find New or additional suppliers.

  1.  If a Circuit Breaker Company offers you a Reconditioned Circuit Breaker, once it has been opened and reconditioned,   the UL is Void.
  2.  Many manufactures rivet shut the circuit breakers so they can not be opened or altered. This would mean your  Reconditioned Circuit Breaker has not been   reconditioned. (There are a few companies   that may drill   out  the rivets)
  3.  Obsolete Circuit Breakers may have been removed from a good working panel, but this does not mean that they   function properly. Do you really want to use   a circuit breaker that originally did not pass   test and then   repaired?
  4.  If anyone has changed the cover or manufactures labels, the information may be incorrect. Some Dishonest peddlers have done this in the past to get paid  more and it is almost impossible to tell if all the information is  correct.
  5.  You may pay more for the 30 year old Circuit Breakers than it would cost for a direct replacement.
  6.  Some companies clean the circuit breakers with solvents that will alter or remove the lubricant on the pivot points of the mechanisms.Some re-sellers do not   carry Product Liability Insurance.
  7.  JRL Electric Supply Inc. carries  $10,000,000.00 in product liability and does not offer reconditioned.
  8.  Some companies do not have High Current Test Sets to properly test their circuit breakers.

If you know your Circuit Breaker Re-Seller well, you know what they do and their ethics.

I know many companies that do an excellent job reconditioning and the quality is exceptional, but I also know some that you
could never trust and will offer substandard products.

It’s Time, Try JRL Electric Supply Inc.