How JRL Electric Supply Can Help You Reduce Your Inventory Cost & Increase Your Sales

It has become incredibly difficult for electrical distributors to maintain extensive inventories due to the dexterity involved in their industry and the high operation costs of their business. An inventory is considered to be one of the largest tangible assets of a business, but at the same time maintaining an inventory can be quite expensive. This is due to the fact that many different variable factors come into play which increases the costs of maintaining inventory; such costs include storage and carrying costs as well.

This is exactly why most prominent electrical distributors are investing in independent suppliers to help reduce their inventory costs by a substantial margin. An independent supplier by definition is a third party vendor that provides the required products to a business in cases where the business has limited stock or to alleviate inventory holding costs.

Many electrical distributors have started using independent suppliers to not only reduce their inventory costs but also to provide their clients with effective services. For example, an electrical distributor needs to fill a customer’s order due to a Circuit Breaker Replacement or an Electrical Upgrade; they can easily rely on an Independent Electrical Distributor like JRL who can provide them with products on an urgent and reliable basis.

JRL aggressively increases its inventory with any item that electrical distributors might need on an urgent basis. With these items readily available, any electrical distributor can improve the qualities of their services as well.

Questions to help you determine the effectiveness of your independent supplier

These questions have specifically been designed to help an electrical distributor determine if they are currently using an efficient independent supplier:

  1. Is your current independent supplier a partner or competitor

If your independent supplier does not provide you with a fast turnaround time then this defies the purpose of the supplier. If the end-user faces a critical power outage and requires immediate services but your independent supplier has a slow turnaround time, you will lose that client to a competitor.  

This is exactly why electrical distributors should only rely on independent suppliers that can provide services in a timely manner.

  • Does your supplier sell 100% new products?

Another question you should ask yourself if you want to gauge the competence of your independent supplier is whether the supplier sells 100% brand new products. There are many independent suppliers out there who supply used or refurbished products and this can seriously hamper the business persona of the electrical supplier. Used products will deteriorate faster and will force the end user to turn to different alternatives, such as your competitors. So make sure your independent supplier only deals in 100% brand new products and that they prioritize quality above all like JRL Electric Supply Inc.

  • Can you trust the independent supplier?

The most important question you should take into perspective in order to find out if your independent supplier is competent is whether you can trust them. The whole idea behind outsourcing inventory to a third party is to improve the quality of the service provided and to reduce the cost of inventory. If your current supplier does not provide top quality services and you doubt their integrity, then you should consider hiring another independent supplier as your business is at stake.

JRL Electric Supply is where all such issues come to an end. We have an extensive array of items in our inventory and make sure that our clients receive their products in a timely manner. So reduce your inventory costs and increase your sales by contacting JRL Electric Supply Inc!