CE14K Circuit Breakers Manufactured By Challenger are Obsolete and difficult to find unless you go to Ebay or Amazon and buy them from someone that can not even test them.

What is a CE 14K Circuit Breaker?

The CE14 K circuit breaker is manufactured By Challenger Electric Corporation. They have been obsolete for quite a while now. They are excellent quality circuit breakers used in 480 volt panelboards. These have an interrupting capacity of 14,000 @ 480 Volt. They were available with load lugs for panelboard mount and also with lugs on both sided for wire in and wire out applications. They were white and grey and had blue and white lables. The section in blue gave the catalog Number, serial number and how many poles. It also stated the aic ratings.

Can you buy them used or reconditioned?

YES you can but I do not suggest it. Used and reconditioned circuit breakers are sold by individuals with no knowledge of the items, No testing Equipment and your cost is similar to a brand new replacement that will fit in the same spot without any modification at all. If you have experience with a well established Circuit Breaker reseller that knows the product and understands what proper testing is, you do not have to worry as long as it is load tested. Load testing injects 3 times the amperage and there is a time curve when the circuit breaker should trip. Testing equipment costs thousands of dollars or tens of thousands depending on the size and options included.

How do I know the catalog number of CE14K Type Circuit Breakers.

Here is a sample for 3 poles. The part number will start with the Type. The type is CE. the second is a number telling how many poles and the last 3 are for the Amperage. It is Three Digits so for a 20 amp, it is 020 or for 100 Amp, it is 100. Part number CE3050 would be type CE 3 Pole 50 Amp. The 14K is not included in the Part number

Do you want all of the part number so you can request exactly what you need the first time?

Here we go. Here are the Catalog number for 3 poles

Part NumberSeries TypePolesAmperageVoltageAIC Rating
CE3015 CE14K3 Poles15480 Volt14,000 @ 480 Volt
CE3020CE14K3 Poles20480 Volt14,000 @ 480 Volt
CE3030CE14K3 Poles30480 Volt14,000 @ 480 Volt
CE3040CE14K3 Poles40480 Volt14,000 @ 480 Volt
CE3050CE14K3 Poles50480 Volt14,000 @ 480 Volt
CE3060CE14K3 Poles60480 Volt14,000 @ 480 Volt
CE3070CE14K3 Poles70480 Volt14,000 @ 480 Volt
CE3080CE14K3 Poles80480 Volt14,000 @ 480 Volt
3 Poles
3 Poles
480 Volt
480 Volt
14,000 @ 480 Volt
14,000 @ 480 Volt