Square D BD Series Circuit Breaker Information

The “B” Series BDA Circuit Breaker is Manufactured by Square D to Replace the Obsolete Type FA Circuit Breakers.

BDA36050 - Square D 3 Pole 50 Amp 480 Volt I-Line Circuit Breaker

Here is an image of the NEW Square D BD

Frame I-Line Circuit Breaker

The BGA and the BJA Frame look identical with the exception of the label depicting the specifications The Dimensions are the same as the FA Circuit Breaker

These are Both I-Line Series and will properly fit in into I-Line Type Panelboards. They both mount the same way and take up the same amount of space in the panel. Also the Plug-In Jaw is the same.

For your Information, you can see the Crown that slides onto the busbar is the same as the FA Series

The BDA Series will always be offered by any knowledgeable Distributor that specializes in Circuit Breakers. If the new series is not offered, I would suggest finding a New Supplier. If you are offered to previous series FA Reconditioned, it is not likely to have had any of the important components cleaned, lubricated and inspected. This is because the FA series Breaker is riveted shut. To Open the case, the rivets must be drilled out, the pieces that surround the rivet must be removed just to see the internal components. At that time you still need to clear the inside of dirt, dust and anything that may have made it into the case. Then you still need to clean the stationary and moveable contacts, lubricate the pivot points and secure the case shut. Although there may be some companies that actually do this, most do not.

B Series Catalog Page

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Here is a chart to help identify the Catalog Numbers, AIC Ratings Amperage and the replacement part numbers for the Obsolete FC Series

short Part Number Amperage Poles AIC Rating Full Part NumberReplaces Obsolete FA
BD15 15 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36015FA34015
BD20 20 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36020FA34020
BD25 25 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36025FA34025
BD30 30 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36030FA34030
BD35 35 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36035FA34035
BD40 40 3 14,000@ 480 Volt BDA36040FA34040
BD45 45 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36045FA34045
BD50 50 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36050FA34050
BD60 60 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36060FA34060
BD70 70 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36070FA34070
BD80 80 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36080FA34080
BD90 90 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36090FA34090
BD100 100 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36100FA34100
BD110 110 3 14,000@ 480 Volt BDA36110N/A
BD125 125 3 14,000 @ 480 Volt BDA36125