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Square D EDB Circuit Breakers

Square D Type EDB Circuit Breakers

      Here are answers to common questions

  • What type of panel does the Square D EDB Circuit Breakers go into?
        The EDB Type Circuit Breakers are for use in the Square D NF Panelboards
  • What is the interruptin ratings for the EDB Circuit Breaker
          The Interrupting capacity is 14,000 @ 480 Volt
  • Where Can I buy the EDB Circuit Breakers

           Click here for 1 Poles

           Click Here for 2 Poles

           Click here for 3 Poles

  • Is the EDB circuit breaker good for 480 Volt

          Yes, It is rated for 240 and 480 Volt

  • How do you mount an EDB Circuit Breaker

          The EDB Circuit Breaker is a panel mount Circuit Breaker. Just put it in place and Screw it into the Busbar

  • What is the Maximum amperages and poles for the EDB Circuit Breaker

          EDB Circuit breakers are made from 15 to 125 Amps

  • Where can I find the Catalog Page for the EDB Circuit Breaker
  • Who Makes the EGB Circuit Breaker
          The EDB Circuit Breakers are manufactured by Square D Only
  • How Many poles are the EDB Circuit Breakers

          The Circuit Breakers come in 1, 2 and 3 Poles