Zinsco Circuit Breakers were originally called Magna-trip and had different colors for each amperage.

They were used with copper feet to connect the circuit breaker to the busbar. They are called T Type. This type does not have a replacement being manufactured but the later series with the colored handles that plugged onto the Busbar does. Examples below

Zinsco Full Size 1 and 2 Pole. Single Poles are called type Q and 2 poles are called type QC. Here are sample part numbers.

  • Q15 1 Pole 15 Amp
  • Q20 1 Pole 20 Amp
  • QC15 2 pole 15 amp
  • QC20 2 Pole 20 Amp

Zinsco R38 This is a tandem 20 amp Circuit Breaker. Each handle works independently to save room in your panel. These are also called cheater breakers. The most common amperages are from 15 to 30 amp.

  • 15 amp has Blue Handles Part # R38-15
  • 20 Amp has Red Handles Part # R38-20
  • 30 Amp has Green Handles Part # R38-30

Zinsco RC38 This is a 2 Pole Half Size Circuit Breaker. The handles are tied together for 240 VoltOften there is a clip on the side of 1 of the poles to tie them together

  • 15 amp has Blue Handles Part # RC38-15
  • 20 amp has Red Handles Part # RC38-20
  • 30 amp has Green Handles Part # RC38-30
  • 40 amp has Grey Handles Part # RC38-40
  • 50 amp has Black Handles Part # RC38-50
  • 60 amp has White Handles Part # RC38-60