What Westinghouse Circuit Breakers Have Brand New Replacements

or Replacements with the use of Adaptors
All the types displayed above and more


Why didn’t my distributor tell me about Westinghouse replacements that will fit perfectly without doing any modifications? It could be they make more money on used or reconditioned. There could be many reasons but most likely, they did not know.

Options like New Replacements are not taught, you must learn by experience. All the items listed above were current series when we opened up our doors in 1985. All sales people have been here for 20 years or more and have had to help our customers find ways to complete projects with New Equipment only.

Used and Reconditioned Circuit Breakers can be dangerous due to misuse, improper reconditioning or not being tested properly. Most company’s sell reconditioned circuit breakers that can not even be opened up due to being riveted shut. Even some companies that inspect circuit breakers do not even load test them and the worst of all, some item are cleaned with solvents that ruin the lubricants necessary for proper operation.

Reconditioned Circuit Breakers need to be opened, inspected, cleaned, have the pivot points lubricated and be fully tested. If the Circuit Breaker had any rust or debris inside the case, why resell it. It is already substandard. These are Protection Devices. If the circuit breaker is not functioning correctly, do you want to have the manufactures setting’s altered just so they will function. If the insulators are bad, do you really want to just change them.

Before our competitors get too angry for telling the truth about how some company’s have altered the specs, changed the amperages, glued pieces back on, painted the case or used aftermarket components, There are some excellent company’s that are established and fully qualified and can actually sell a reconditioned circuit breaker as good or better that the original as they will be individually tested.

Ordering the item on-line, on Amazon or Ebay does not mean the seller knows anything about the product. This is why we discourage purchasing used or reconditioned circuit breakers.  Also because the repairs and testing are time consuming, reconditioned could be more expensive that new.

Back to obsolete Westinghouse 480 volt Circuit Breakers, The new replacements are built to todays standards that are more strict than when the breakers were current series.

Let us help you to learn all the options you may have. Make your customers happy and feel confident you will not be making service calls to correct any possible problems. Let us help by directing you to what your options are and save time, money and be stress free