Are these prices for real? Yes they are and here is how we do it?

How can this be done for Brand New Circuit Breakers? Are They Fakes? Are they Used? Who are These People?

Lets start with the Important information. YES all of our Circuit Breakers are Authentic Manufactures Products. YES these are Brand New. YES They are stocked in our warehouse in Valencia California.

We are Independent Distributors, so we do not have to play by the manufactures rules. Different regions have different pricing and their sales must be in their territory. All item will be new in the manufactures boxes or a small percentage will be Brand new circuit breakers removed from non energized panels. All items are clearly disclosed.

Having opened our doors in 1985 with the original founders and their children still currently employed, we know what we are doing. Everybody started from the ground up. We all know who can supply us a discounted rates, prompt service and always authentic. Also it is not uncommon for a distributor to change the brands they carry and when they do, we buy all of their stock.

Because of our history with our vendors, they offer up product barely above their cost because their payments are received before the distributor has to pay for them.

Volume Purchases

Manufactures and distributors like to sell in volume and are willing to offer special price agreements. After 37 years, our vendors are willing to compete to get our stocking orders. They realize the risk of other manufactures increasing their profit share and realize that there is a need for a stocking distributor to service their customers upon an emergency.

Established Vendor Base

Our vendor base is extensive. They are located all over the United States. It is surprising how the same product can be purchased with the pricing varying up to 50%

Independent Distributor

We are an independent distributor. We are not governed by minimum advertised pricing. We do not have to sell in confined districts. The corporate policies are not guidelines we are forced to adhere to. We can purchase and from any state to any state at any price we choose.


Because of our experience in our field, we know our customer base. We know our supply lines and will make very large purchases days before a price increase so we can distribute our products at last years prices. With an inventory as large as ours, we do not need to make small stocking orders or purchase at inflated prices to fill the needs of our customers.


We have seen many companies come and go. We study our competition. We try to lean from their straights and capitalize on their weakness. We will adjust our price structure if needed to insure our customers stay with us.  We sell many items below cost to insure our customer base is satisfied. Our price structure is extremely competitive and must stay that way to insure our customers we care.

We want your Business and are willing to help you with whatever you may need from technical assistance to catalog pages