Westinghouse, Cutler Hammer or Eaton EHD F Frame Circuit Breakers

EHD Frame circuit breaker offers both supplementary and branch protection. This module belongs to the C series, meaning it has been manufactured using high-quality components for safety purposes as well! With this authentic Eaton Corporation product you can rest assured knowing your plant machinery will be protected from harm or damage due in part by its reliable design so please don’t hesitate when considering buying one today

EHD 14K are ideal for those who need to handle high-current situations. This circuit breaker features a fast action that can be opened and closed quickly, making it perfect in industrial settings where demand may occasionally exceed capacity

This series of Molded Case Breakers Can Handle Currents Up To 100 AMPS  With Its High Speed Blow Open Action The device Is Especially Designed For Demanding installations

EHD Frame Circuit breakers can be used with systems that operate at a voltage of 480 or 600 Volts AC or 250 volts DC. This makes it one the most dependable breakers users will ever need for their various electrical appliances, and this particular model outperforms all other ratings by leaps-and bounds! The FD 3 Pole weighs just 4.5 Pouds

The EHD Frame is an extremely high quality circuit breaker. This means that it has all of the safety features you could need to keep your facility running smoothly, even if there were some kind explosion or flood! The long time Trip function will ensure saftey in high risk industrial settings by preventing energized parts from damaging nearby equipment when triggered accidentally during maintenance work for instance

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