New Removed From Panelboard Circuit Breakers

What is a New Takeout Circuit Breaker?

A Circuit Breaker New From Panels is also called New Panel Takeout. Esentially it is a Brand New Circuit Breaker that was removed from a brand new Electrical Panel. There are many reasons to purchase a New From Panel Circuit Breaker.

  1. New Takeouts usually cost a little bit less.
  2. They are the same for use because they have never been Energized.

Are New From Panel Circuit Breakers Really New?

  • Yes they are. If you purchase a brand new panelboard and the job specs have changed prior to instalation, you will remove the existing circuit breaker and replace it with the correct circuit breaker. Therefor it has never been energized.

Are New Takeouts Safe to use?

  • Yes they are. The quality is the same as if it were in the manufactures box.

Do New from Panel Circuit Breakers look different?

  • They look the same with the exception that you will be able to see screw marks from where it was bolted down.
  • If the Circuit Breaker Breakers lables may have a couple scratches

How can you tell if the Circuit Breaker has been Used?

  1. If your supplier is experienced and reputable, they should be honest with you all of the time. If you question the quality or condition, return the item.
  2. New takeouts should be in perfect condition.
  3. If you see any wiremarks on the terminals, don’t accept it. It may have been energized.

Reasons JRL Electric Supply offers some New from panel circuit breakers.

JRL Electric Supply has been an Independent Distributor of Circuit Breakers since 1985. New takeouts from us will be perfect unless you are notified prior to being quoted. If there are scratches, we would sell them as used. Most new takeouts we sell are disassembled here at our warehouse. Our experience allows us to choose our vendors that we have had long relationships with. These circuit breakers will have the most current lables and interrupting capacities. they will not be old new stock.